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Chapman Manufacturing Co.

Lowend X Chapman Manufacturing Co.

Lowend X Chapman Manufacturing Co.

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Some years ago we learned about Chapman Manufacturing Co. Eagerly, a kit for the garage was ordered. The kit may not be something we use daily, but there are times when it’s size has been perfect for tight jobs around the garage. Made in the USA which is important to us. We approached Chapman about designing our own kit. We wanted it to be focused for today’s cars, metric and with a selection of torx bits. Little did we know when designing our kit with Joel at Chapman, we would be designing their first ever laser engraved ratchet. We selected an orange case, because it was only right. And Joel’s team 3D printed a Lowend branded card for the case. Our first ever venture into hard goods, we hope you will get plenty of use out of the set for years to come. Limited to 30 pieces.

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