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Lowend Garage Chicago

Aquarium Head Gets a Ride Sticker

Aquarium Head Gets a Ride Sticker

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Aquarium Head Gets a Ride Sticker

Aquarium Head never fancied himself a gambler, but the mysterious slot machine beckoned him. What was it doing in the middle of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, the most haunted spot in Chicagoland? Seventy-five cents later a little black key marked “F1” fell into his hand. He turned around and there it was. It took a while to finagle his headwear into the cockpit, but once he was in his whole world came into focus in a way he never imagined. Cruising at 200 mph will do that. Honor our buddy’s magical mystery McLaren by copping our latest drop in 'Electric Green' or 'Old Gold.;


Art by Guide & Anchor

Story by @modelyear1983

Clear Die Cut Sticker

2" X 3"

Printed in the USA.

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